After reading the reviews here, I was trying to go in with an open mind, but... I don't know, people. This place just seems to be a wreck. I'm not even going to comment on the art (except to say that there doesn't seem to be enough of it) but I'll comment on some of the logistics that irked me.

a) The 5th floor has no indication that you can take the stairs to the 4th. I ended up doing that, but it would be nice to have signage to point out that the stairs are a viable option. Once you hit the 4th floor there is more stairwell signage, but having it between the 4th and 5th floors (as well as on the 5th floor outside of the stairwell) would be helpful.

b) The 4th floor gallery contained a lot of paintings with the same dimensions at the same height. Only problem was that I was dying to straighten them. They were not level and it was seriously killing me because it was so obvious that some were tilted ever so slightly to the left and others to the right. (No, I do not think that was part of the exhibit, either.) It was even more distracting because the paintings were straight-line designs. I would suggest investing in a level.

c) The 4th floor to 3rd floor stairway leads right into a projected exhibit. RIDICULOUS. You literally have to walk IN FRONT of the projection in order to walk the 3rd floor. It made me hella uncomfortable.

d) There is so much underutilized space, while other parts are grouped too closely. I felt like I was at a garage sale. Maybe I'm not artsy enough and that was the idea. In any case, the space is so large, but I felt like the exhibits could have taken place in a basement apartment.

The gift shop and the architectural firm exhibit were actually more attractive to me than the museum itself, which is sad. I would give it one star, except that the gift shop had a snow globe with the F bomb. Too bad it was $150.