This place was such a disappointment that we asked for our money back (to no avail). It was like a crappy amusement park where you pay to be confused, stand in long lines and get ripped off. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID...

We got there a little before 4 o'clock on a Saturday. Our group of four was excited to experience something new and different and exciting. This place was none of those things and was actually quite the opposite. We heard there was a slide a few floors up that you can go down, so we got in line and signed our waivers. You're not allowed to carry anything with you on the slide so we had to store all our stuff in lockers downstairs.

The first thing we saw were some lame, slightly interactive pieces. Really? I'm supposed to be impressed by a video of some trees? And smelling a stinky jar of love potion or whatever it was. And watching two alternating TV channels? And staring at a fish tank with one breed of boring silver fish swimming around in it? Not to mention I felt like I was going to have a seizure from the bright, flashing fluorescent lights.

The only good thing about this place was the rooftop, which has a nice view, but not unlike several other buildings in New York that you don't have to pay $16 to enter. We worked our way down and encountered a few more esoteric exhibits along the way. When we got to the slide around 4:45, an employee told us that they weren't letting anyone else in line since there were 60 people already waiting and the museum closed at 6 PM.

So we went back down to the main floor to get a pair of upside-down goggles since the line for them was so long when we first arrived and so that we didn't feel like the trip was a total loss. So after waiting in line for about 25 minutes anyways and once we finally got to the front, we were told we had to sign another waiver, in addition to the one we signed earlier for the slide we never got to go down. AND we were told we had to leave a credit card  as a security deposit on the goggles. (BTW, they would only rent one pair for my friend and I to share since it was less than an hour til closing time.)

Well, if you'll recall from the beginning of this review, we were told we had to lock all of our stuff in the lockers downstairs in order to ride the slide so that's where all of my credit cards were. The douchey goggle-monger in charge refused to let my friend fill out the waiver while I ran downstairs and got my credit card and said that we would have to get back at the end of the line. Well by the time we would get to the front of the line again, the place would be closed.

I went to the front and asked for our money back since the place was a let-down and we were told repeatedly that we couldn't partake in the activities that we had already paid for. The guy at the desk refused and offered guest passes instead. "Are you kidding?" I said. "There is no way we want to waste any more time here." He flippantly said that was the best he could do.

[In best Cartman voice] Screw you guys. I'm going home.